Thoughts from the throne(drum)

This is where I will share thoughts on what I go through as the drummer in the greatest heavy metal band on earth, Steel Panther. It's also a place to ask advice on anything that's on your mind and hopefully, if I need advice, you can give me your thoughts. Or, if u want, u can post naked pictures of hot ladies.
Hey Stix :) Just wanted to say thank you for coming out after the show in Manchester, it was so awesome to meet you then make a twat out myself asking for a threesome with you and my friend. Hope you're doing well and aren't too cramped on that flight. oxo
stixzadinia stixzadinia Said:

Thanks! U rule

i just wanted to tell you that i've met some amazing ppl through being a fanther, both online and in real life! I just know that a person is pretty awesome if she likes Steel Panther, so thank you very much!!!!
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I love that! We are kinda that band. Either you love us or you hate us. I don’t know anyone that has said, ” Steel Panther, yeah, they’re ok I guess.” Our fans rule all.

whats up Stix? what's next for steel panther? touring? recording?
stixzadinia stixzadinia Said:

Recording a third album, then touring. It’s gonna be silly good!

I am actually living the dream. Our fans make it possible for us to go to the far reaches of the earth and play the best songs ever written for them! You guys are unbelievably dedicated and that works out perfect, because so are we. We are dedicated to producing the best records we can and then putting on the best shows possible. The venues are getting bigger, crowds are getting bigger, stages are getting bigger, my boner is getting WAY bigger, and we all win together. Thank you to everyone who has ever purchased a ticket, t shirt, album, or anything at all related to Steel Panther. It makes it possible for us to keep on rockin and touring! We would still rock, even if no one bought any of that shit, but it defo helps make it possible to get to places like Australia and Europe or the UK. I am stoked. Stix

This is the view from my office. Download 2012. Main stage. 3 bands before Metallica. There is no feeling like this. Photo taken by the great Ashley Maile

Asker katinhaaa Asks:
Awesome show at London the other day! First time i've been to a Panther show, and holy shit, I want to experience that again! Any news on if you'll be playing Download 2012?
stixzadinia stixzadinia Said:

No news yet. Hope to hear something soon tho! I’m glad u had fun. I certainly did.

Oh, where to start? First off, I have to say thank you to all the people who bought Balls Out so far and to all the people who will buy it in the future. We in Steel Panther make records full of songs that we love to play and also listen to. The vast majority of people who have shared their thoughts on the record have said incredibly wonderful things about it, and us as a band. There are, however, a handful of people who seem to find it necessary to share their obvious distaste for our music and our band in general, with the world. To those people, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you guys specifically, to suck my dick. We didn’t write this record for you. We wrote it for people who love heavy metal songs that rock the fuck out of your cocks n pussies. There is one cunt who’s review stood out to me as she instructed the person reading her review to not listen to our music because it will, “morally corrupt and degrade you”. We are not curing cancer people. We are melting your faces with bitchin tunes. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. More importantly, stop being an asshole by imparting your shitty opinion of something that someone might otherwise totally love. I understand that Steel Panther is not for everyone, but neither is your worthless opinion. So shut the fuck up and go listen to your Vanilla Ice cassette by yourself again.
—— man I’m glad I got that off my chest! By the way, dumb cunt, our record is kicking ass on the billboard charts as well as iTunes! So I have but two words for you……MA HA!!

Steel panther and dan p Carter. That was a great nite!

Adam sergeant drew this in pencil! I look good!

satchel said death to all but metal is number 1 here in philippines. well, do you plan on visiting here?
stixzadinia stixzadinia Said:

If someone offers us a show, we would totally rock the philiipenes. Attention promoters: let’s see an offer!!

What's your favourite part of being in Steel Panther ;)
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Getting to play the drums for people who love heavy metal. I love the chicks. I love the drugs. I love the rock n roll. What’s not to love!?!?!

shit you guys are awesome. coming to vancouver, canada again anytime soon?
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I’m sure we will rock the Couve soon! We wanna!

So can't wait to see you guys in manchester! \\n/
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Me too! The Uk always rules when we come over to rock with u guys(and girls)! We fuckin love playin for u!

So I'm a little bit pissed I can't see you guys for Soundwave Revolution. Any chance you fuckers are coming out for Soundwave next year instead?
stixzadinia stixzadinia Said:

Fuck yes! I couldn’t say anything earlier, but now u know!! We’re comin!!!